Hi there! Welcome to my disclaimer. Good to see that you’re reading it 😀

As you might know Beautytarka is mainly about Beauty (Makeup, Skincare) and Food (Cooking and eating ofcourse :p)
Whatever I’ll be saying and sharing in my blog is purely based on my own experience. Unless stated
You are free to try out tips that I give, but I can not guarantee that you will have the same effect, or that it also works for you.
Unfortunately I’m no psychic otherwise I’d tell you lol.
Everything that I share is my own opinion. I will never tell you to agree with me or even try it out. That´s totally up to you!

As I said earlier on my blog contains my personal opinion & experience. This blog is mine, and obviously I own it.
On this blog you will find a lot of photo’s and videos.
If you want to share something, feel free to do that just make sure you never forget to credit me! Otherwise I won’t be nice to you. And trust me you wouldn’t like that 😉
If you want to publish something from my blog do contact me.

The information that is provided on my blog, is to share my knowledge with you, so that life might get a bit easier. Or it might not.
If you try out any of my tips & tricks and it doesn’t work out on you. Sorry but no sorry, it’s not my responsibility. You decide if it’s worth the risk.
The same goes for reviews. The products that I’ll be reviewing could work awesome for me, but I can’t guarantee that it will work wonders for you too. Even here you can decide if it’s worth trying for you.

I hope everything is loud & clear to you. If not don’t hesitate. Contact me! I don’t really bite unless you do.