Sat Shri Akal, Namaste, Salaam & Hello to everyone! Welcome to beautytarka.com

My name is Mano, and some of you might know me from Makeupisagirlsbestfriend. This was mainly makeup & beauty related. And now I am now going to start a new chapter in life called Beauty Tarka!
I will be posting all kind of posts related to Beauty, Make up & Cooking! Because next to Beauty and Makeup a woman’s gotta eat 😂

I will be blogging about several things, and usually daily things we come across, or tips that can make our lives a tiny bit easier.
Makeup is really my passion so I would love to share make up looks with you but also review products (So that you know whether it’s good or not) I use high budget & low budget items, what matters to me the most is the quality!
Next to that I’ll be sharing skincare tips and also product reviews, because I think taking care of your skin is very important but also difficult.
And last but not least, as I’m a big foodie I would love to share all kind of recipes with you and tell you about them.

Watch this space, a lot of exciting things are coming!

Keep shining,

Mano ❤️